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We have read quite a lot of different types of reading on many different subjects. We hope you like some of our recommendations below …

A Curious History of Vegetables (John Smith)
This is a very strange but ionteresting book setting out the history of vegetables. What people ate over the years, how vegetables were grown, the different kinds of vegetables there are and how people feel about the vegetables they eat. Highly recommended, even if you don't like eating vegetables!
Evan Jones (Reader)

Jurassic Park (Author: Peter Buchman)
I saw Jurassic Park part 1 and part 2 but I didn't see part 3 so I read it, and I like it very much and it is interesting. The summary about Jurassic Park is:

Dr. Alan Grant and Billy went with Paul Kirby and Amanda Kirby to Isla Sorna, it is Jurassic Park Island. They went there to find son of Paul and Amanda in the Isla Sorna his name Eric. Eric lost there when he went with Ben, his mother friend. They went there to do some exciting trips. They went there by hanging from parachute behind speedboat. Suddenly, the boat crashed and they flew above the island and slowly they got down in the island. After two months Paul and Amanda decided to go to Dr. Alan Grant for help, because nobody wants to help them and Dr. Alan know about Jurassic Park. Then the trip begins.
Mohamed Saleh (Reader)

I choose this story because it’s had exciting adventures, gripping dramas and comic encounters.

Alan was spending his time by doing fishing. Suddenly he saw a bright flash and he saw a space ship lands behind him. Alan was shocked. He was staring to the alien and his name is Kolpan.

He is from Zirgon. Kolpan start to talk with Alan and he is shocked. The alien land in un known place. The alien thought that he land in serves station and should help serve him by five million liters of water. The Alien thought that he discovered undiscovered planet. Alan was explanig to the alien and telling him that this land called the Earth and they discovered. The alien want to have a fortune by doing some business but Alan refused that because it’s bad idea. Kolpan start to talk about the time machine and Alan was impressing about it. The time machine helps kolpan to look the future and make sure that everything’s ok but Alan can’t believe that?

Kolpan went to the future and saw a lot of thing in seconds and he start to talk about the Egyptians and his girlfriend but before that the asked him a bout the green men.

Kolpan was afraid that it could be a police officer. He starts ruing and suddenly a space ship appears next to him and a hatch opens, and a little green man comes out. Kolpan start to explane the officer that he parked his ship in unknown parking zone. And the officer zaps him and they disappear.

Alan and the Alien by “peter Leigh” 26/4/08 – 27/4/08 SMC library.

I think that the story was exiting but it was unbelievable because it was full of imagination. I recommendation to read this book because it is fantastic.

Done by Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz

A very interesting article which captured my attention since in Dubai the traffic jams are increasing and almost everywhere, people are complaining.
This article talks about one solution to reduce the number of cars and encourage people to use public transport.

- Dubai authorities aims to have 1,200 buses by the end of 2008
Dubai placed an order of buses to reach their aim.
Buses ordered have several profiles and are suitable for people with special needs.

- CEO states RTA’s Strategic Plan
Upgrade mass transit means in Dubai.
Attract more passengers to reduce traffic.

- RTA’s Objective of Increasing number of buses
RTA aims to increase mass transport by 30%.
RTA attempts to achieve integration between all public transport means ( Buses, Metro Dubai, Marine transport).

- New buses and high technology
Buses ordered have high technological standards:
- Voice announcement system of next stop.
- Statistical system that serves two purposes (Passenger count and demand on bus routes).
- On board GPS system linked to the agency.

Done by Khalifa Mohd Al-Mutawa

(Edgar Allan) "The Black Cat"

This story is talking about a man who has a cat. Its name is Pluto and this man’s wife likes animals. This man used to be a lovely kind person but not any more. Over the years his behavior started to change, he started to drink and he is no longer kind with his cat or his wife. One day he was so drunk he hit his wife and he grabbed the poor animal and cut out one of his eyes. But he feels guilty because Pluto ran away from the house and he decided to bring a new cat and he brought a new cat to the house. But he began to drink again and he became worst than before. In the end he killed his wife and the new cat ran away also.

[I recommend this story because I like scary stories]

Shehab Mahmoud.
SMC library.

Ibrahim Ahmad

The cover of the book Dubai Tales attracted me to know more about the aspects of the lives and values of people of Dubai. Also, because the short stories are written by a writter from UAE. If you read this book I advice you to read the father and his son story because it's very intersting story that teach you very thing.

In my opinion, I think that this book helps us to learn very thing about this life also, it help us to learn new vocab and to develop our reading skills.

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