Hamlet was written between 1599-1601 and it was a tragedy play. The play is set in Denmark. Hamlet was a Prince of Denmark and he is a noble person, who would rather not kil people if he did't have to. His father was murdered by his Uncle Claudius. Ophelia was Hamlet love.

There were two characters left at the end of the play and they were the new King and Hamlet.
Hamlet was away studing at Wittenberg, the renowned university located near Berlin, founded in 1502 before he returned to Denmark. The first one who Hamlet killed was Polonius. The King send Hamlet and his two friends to England.

The Queen Gertrde die by poisoned in hir wine when King Claudius pours wine to toast Hamlet's success and tries to persuade Hamlet to drink the poisoned brew. Hamlet refuses the wine, placing the goblet on the table beside the Queen. Gertrude is thirsty and, despite the King's plea, drinks from the cup.

Hamlet's play (about lucianus killing his uncle, Duke Gonzago, then marrying the Duke's wife, Baptista); Aeneas' tale to Dido ( about Pyrrhus avenging Achilles by killing King Priam). At the end of the play Prince Fortinbras gets the crown. The end.

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