Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre

It is one of the most famous theatres world wide.One of the most amazing plays has been shown to mankind in it. It is located in Southwark district of London. The theatre was built and owned the Lord Chamberlain's Men in 1599. The first play that was ever played in the theatre was Julius Caesar. The globe even had a circular shape and it was approximately 230 metres wide/long. The theatre could hold 2000~ 300 spectators standing and sitting. it cost 1 penny to enter the play.

At the start of a play there was a flag that was set up on the globe to show what kind of play is going to show and it even depened on the color . If it's red then its means that the play was going to be a comedy. if it was black it meant that it was a tragedy play. A canon was fire to signal people that play started which it was usually shot at noon. The plays that were played in it were usually made for everybody rich and poor.

if the people didn't like the play they would throw things at the actors and if they liked it they would throw flowers. Usually in the plays that were performed there where male and female actors. The male actors were played by men but the female actors were played by boys as well.

The theatre burned down in June 29, 1613 while the play Henry VII was performed. The theatre even had a motto which was "The whole world is a play".

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